beneath-your-beautiful-11: Canucks for life ! <3

ya man

Anonymous: What teams did the Harlem Shake videos?

HV71, a team from the swedish hockey league, and I hate them a lot I hope this helps!

sometimes i feel like this blog is more successful mvh i keep losing followers 


100 % legit family photo i promise


“my favourite snack food is.. broccoli?”


crying over ask the canes oh my god

they are a bunch of cunts I hate this hockey team


I have in fact found the man of my dreams, he happens to be twice my age and in the NHL.


jonathan just wants the cup

but bettman is like, please please one more picture


“what do you think about the game för modos del?” 

great english there

“you had a good opportunity in blo-bo-boxplay” 

he didn’t even understand what you were talking about he literally had to ask you what you meant by that

“in the in the game in the second period and the third period what do you have to say about it? how. are. mO-dO. gonna. play. to. to take. three points?”

the words barely came out of your mouth what happened omfg and what was that pronunciation of modo? kyle almost started laughing himself over this interview